The difference between TENDER SALES and LIVE-AUCTIONS

Participation is free for all registered users with an activated user-account.
Bidders are cautioned to inspect the goods prior to submitting bids.

Minimum or start prices are not being published.     All goods are offered with a start price in EURO.
Bid price calculation is up to the bidder. Auctions are proceeding through increasing bid increments. An automated bidding server system is implemented.
Sealed bid procedure; neither the number nor the amounts of bids are being displayed during the ongoing tender-sales. The current highest bid is being displayed.
Bidders can increase or decrease their bids at any time. Solely the latest bid is valid. Bids below the start price are not accepted.
The purchase contract with a bidder will be concluded upon acceptance of bid at the time set for bid opening. The contract is awarded to the highest bid at the conclusion of the auction. Consumers have the right to cancel their contractual offer.
The successful bidder will be notified on the acceptance of his bid within 7 days by means of a commercial invoice. The successful bidder will be notified on the acceptance of his bid via email and will receive an invoice.
"General Business Terms and Conditions" apply. "Live-Auctions Terms and Conditions" apply.
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