Currently running 83 Tenders with 640 lots in 41 categories


1. Service Offer

a) Registered Users with an activated account can submit their bids online on VEBEG´s website 

b) Bids are to be submitted prior bidding closure.

c) Receipt of bids are confirmed via E-Mail.

d) Processing of incoming bids takes place in proper form during VEBEG´s business hours.

2. Entitlement / Procedure

a) Bids can only be submitted by registered users with an activated account. Registration procedure requires a free chosen username and password along with a valid E-Mail address as well as other personal data, e.g. name and address.

VEBEG confirms registration, chosen username and password via E-Mail. For the first log-in, and to get access to your account, you have to enter the received registration number. In a second step you can apply to activate your account to allow you to submit bids online.

Account activating takes place on the users request and can be canceled by VEBEG at any time.

b) The user must have his PIN-CODE ready while bidding.

c) The user undertakes, to send bids exclusively by using his account on VEBEG´s website. 

3. Secrecy of PIN-CODE

a) The user must take care, that no one else gets knowledge of his PIN-CODE. PIN-CODE, Username and Password may not be recorded electronically or noted otherwise. The PIN-CODE must be kept safe at all times.

b) Should the user find out, that another person has obtained knowledge of his PIN-CODE and his login data, or if he even suspects that an unauthorized transaction has occurred, he has to notify VEBEG immediately. In this case VEBEG shall block the account and/or provide a new PIN-CODE.

4. Change of PIN-CODE and login Data

The user is not allowed to change his PIN-CODE or his Username. However, on request VEBEG provides a new PIN-CODE and the old PIN becomes invalid. The user may change his password non-effective to his PIN-CODE and Username.