Currently running 105 Tenders with 744 lots in 40 categories

List of Tender Sales

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Government High-class Vehicles(2 Tenders/7 Lots)
Electric cars-
Passenger Cars and Light Commercials(12 Tenders/76 Lots)
Special Vehicles-
Trucks and other Vehicles(9 Tenders/72 Lots)
Communal Vehicles and Equipment(6 Tenders/103 Lots)
German Ministry of Defence Vehicles(4 Tenders/23 Lots)
Vehicles and Technical Equipment from the British Ministry of Defence(6 Tenders/99 Lots)
Scrapped German Mark/ EURO Coins available in large Lots only(1 Tenders/1 Lots)
Clothing and Textiles available in large Lots only(5 Tenders/11 Lots)
Metals and Tyres available in large Lots only(3 Tenders/3 Lots)
Machine Tools, Vehicle Spare Parts(6 Tenders/169 Lots)
Communication, Electronic & Test Equipment(3 Tenders/18 Lots)
Agricultural and Forestry Equipment(4 Tenders/85 Lots)
Medical and Sport Equipment(2 Tenders/16 Lots)
Catering and Kitchen Equipment(2 Tenders/6 Lots)
Office and IT Equipment, Printing Machines, Furniture(4 Tenders/37 Lots)
Photo and Optical Equipment, Musical Instruments(1 Tenders/12 Lots)
Miscellaneous(12 Tenders/164 Lots)
Aircraft and Ships(3 Tenders/12 Lots)
Spot Sale Vehicles(9 Lots)
Spot Sale Others(78 Lots)
Latest Tenders (48 hours)(11 Tenders)